Great Blog Site Ideas

Nova Scotia 2013 068

I follow a blog that goes by the name of “Capture by Lucy” and the author has just written a very helpful post on “Blog Design Presentation”.

It is absolutely chock-full of great ideas on how to spruce up your blog site.   I have been feeling like my blog needs a bit of work and I have started tweaking it a bit (in my head) to reflect our move across Canada.  Stay tuned for more details.

The 3 things that stood out to me while reading Lucy’s post were 1) don’t be afraid of white space on your blog; 2) use Pinterest more to showcase photos on your blog and 3) create a mood board to figure out just what it is that you want to convey on your site.  I also found the bit on colors very interesting too.  I think I tend to go mostly with blues and greens but I’m thinking I’d like to try yellows and browns … maybe, we’ll see. I should probably try them on my mood board first. 🙂

Scotland 2013 Expo 200


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