Winds of Change


I wanted to write something as I feel like I have been a little absent on my blog for a while now.  We moved house about a month ago and I am still trying to get used to the fact that we really are here and not just on holidays.  It still feels a bit surreal.

My blogging about Scotland has not been as free-flowing as it has been in the past and I am in the middle of wanting to either re-invent my page or start something completely new.  I still love Scotland as much as I ever did but I feel like perhaps this particular blog has run its course. I am humbled by the fact that people are still finding me and reading my blog even though my entries have not been very frequent recently.

So my thought is I love to write about Scotland, Ireland and Nova Scotia which have a common thread of roots. I have thought about writing a blog about all three but I am not sure what to call it.

I have also thought about just beginning a personal blog about our new journey here in Nova Scotia.  Also not sure what to call it although I have been considering a nautical theme … possibly?

September feels like a good place to start so I am hoping to begin something new once a routine of life begins again and things settle down.

For now, I’m sending you a video of my new place. I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. What a wonderful place to live, would make a great holiday destination, never thought about Nova Scotia before. Have flown over it and thought how beautiful, but now watching the video I can see really how beautiful it is, thank you for sharing and enjoy your new life 🙂

    1. cheers blosslyn! we are starting to get to know NS a bit and it’s a beautiful province. If you ever come and visit, let me know and we can show you some of the highlights. 🙂

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