This is a clip from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011 that is making its way around facebook this morning.

I’ve wanted to go to the Tattoo for a long time and haven’t made it yet.  So this is for my friends who have been already and for those of us who haven’t quite got there yet.

Here’s a short video by the BBC:

Scotland’s Festival of History

I was checking through mail I’d missed while I was away …. why I feel the need to troll through facebook for the last 5 days is beyond me but there you have it … and I found a few interesting video clips.

First one was for the Scotland’s Festival of History on August 20/21st. It’s held at the Lanark Racecourse and if I still lived close to there, I would be looking forward to checking this out. Here’s a clip for this year’s Festival:



The next one is of the Edinburgh Festival/Fringe from last year. It’s a walk through the street, showing how many things are going on and, in my opinion, the general sense of chaos. I’m not one for crowds; I don’t know how I’d fare with this much going on and that many people but this gives you a good sense of how it would feel.




Book Characters

We’ve been gone on holidays for a few days and are away for a bit next week too so my postings will be a bit sporadic. 🙂

I haven’t had a lot of time to do much research on Scotland but there is a lot going on, especially in Edinburgh these days. The Edinburgh International Book Festival begins this weekend and I found a fun little game to find out what Scottish book character you are most like.  It appears I am like Miss Jean Brodie ~

The character you are most like is Miss Jean Brodie from The Prime of Miss Jean
Brodie. You are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. Unconventional, you like to do things your own way and spend little time worrying about what others think of you. Cultured and well-read, you have a love of knowledge and like nothing better than to sit down with a good book. Strongly opinionated, you always speak your mind but be careful of that stubborn streak. Sometimes it’s good to listen to what others have to say too!

Another event this coming weekend is the World Pipe Band Championships:

40,000 Spectators
8,000 Pipers & Drummers
16 Nations
1 World Champion

“The World Pipe Band Championships will return to its heartland, in Glasgow Green on 13th August 2011. Expect exciting competition across all Grades, in the fiercely contested Drum Major contest as well as Highland Dancing and Glasgow World Highland Games Championships! Enjoy a fantastic daylong event that will delight both piping fans and those looking for a great day out.”

Ceilidh Culture 2011


March 25 – April 16, 2011 brings Ceilidh Culture to Edinburgh for its ninth year.  This is an annual traditional arts festival, celebrating music and song to dance and storytelling, while running parallel workshops so you can have a go at the dancing, etc. yourself.   With over 30 venues to choose from, come and experience a collaboration of grassroots traditional performances.

Late night gigs, award-winning folk clubs, family-friendly workshops and concerts will have everyone enjoying themselves, complete with introductions to dances for those who are unsure.  There will also be a street fair with food and drink stalls, crafts, fashion and music following the Ceilidh Culture on April 22-25.  The festival is a Council-led project and is non-profit with any money left over being put towards next year’s event.

To have a look at the line-up and prices for the events, the program can be found at



When I found this band, I was over the moon.   Their music feeds my Celtic soul .. it’s my happy place music.  They are playing this week at Piping Live!, Glasgow’s International Piping Festival.

From their homeland roots of Argyll in the highlands of Scotland, the band has been credited with inspiring the revival of traditional Celtic music.  They first recorded in 1984 and since then have toured in 30 countries, released 10 award-winning albums, performed and appeared in a movie and had the first Gaelic Top 40 single.

Capercaillie includes some of the finest musicians on the scene, including the amazing voice of Karen Matheson. She has been called ‘the finest Gaelic singer alive today’ and most of the material recorded by the band she learned as a child from her grandmother on the Hebridean island of Barra.

The title of their most recent album – ‘Roses and Tears’ features many newly discovered traditional songs sourced from the Gaelic song archive at the School of Scottish Studies,along with self-penned material.  It reaffirms their roots and the music they inherited growing up in Scotland and Ireland