Islay with Rosie and Andrew

In the wonderful world of blogging, you may run into people online who you would like to have a visit with in person.

I have been following the fun-loving couple, Rosie and Andrew, as they create amazing photography and write witty comments on their blog and Facebook page.

They are now famous as they have been featured on VisitScotland’s video “Islay Brilliant Island Moments”, a new TV ad for Homecoming 2014.  Rosie and Andrew are from Skye but they do a lovely job of selling us on Islay.

I am crazy about Islay and I haven’t even been yet.  Just imagine how excited I’ll be when I actually get there.

Enjoy!  (and then have a peek at Rosie and Andrew’s websites – Love Skye Photography and Landscapes 365).

Islay Bruichladdich Whisky

Six and a half minutes of a beautiful way of life.  Islay beckons me.

I know the video is about whisky, which is enjoyable as well, but I appreciate the sentiment of family and enjoying your job and having fun.  It is good to have your work be a “way of life” as well.  I also like the pace of making whisky … quality can take a while to mature.  Lovely.





Ardbeg: The Ultimate Islay Experience

2 days on Islay this past summer, filmed by Mike Rea.

Mike wrote: “One of the most fun jobs of the Summer! Shockingly, this was my first trip to any of the Western Isles and I can’t wait to go back again. I had two days on the beautiful isle of Islay courtesy of Ardbeg Whisky to make a short film on the ‘Ultimate Islay Experience’. Ardbeg prides itself on being the ‘Ultimate Islay Malt Whisky’, and a group of travel journalists and spirit writers from around the world were about to find out why. The trip involved a 4 mile hike through to Loch Uigeadail, the source for Ardbeg’s pure spring water where we would ‘glamp’ for the night in a kind of ‘Game of Thrones’ battle-style camp (but with comfy beds, hot showers, soap, nice food, good whisky, wonderful people).”

an absolutely beautiful video that highlights Islay.  it made me want to be there right now.


September 3rd – not sure why the video has gone off-line – hopefully it will re-appear – sorry about that.


Islay has been intriguing me and I’d like to visit the island next time I’m back in Scotland.

Here’s a video of a trip to Islay this past summer from some people I don’t know but they were kind enough to put it on youtube so I’d like to share it with you.