Islay with Rosie and Andrew

In the wonderful world of blogging, you may run into people online who you would like to have a visit with in person.

I have been following the fun-loving couple, Rosie and Andrew, as they create amazing photography and write witty comments on their blog and Facebook page.

They are now famous as they have been featured on VisitScotland’s video “Islay Brilliant Island Moments”, a new TV ad for Homecoming 2014.  Rosie and Andrew are from Skye but they do a lovely job of selling us on Islay.

I am crazy about Islay and I haven’t even been yet.  Just imagine how excited I’ll be when I actually get there.

Enjoy!  (and then have a peek at Rosie and Andrew’s websites – Love Skye Photography and Landscapes 365).


Landscapes 365

if you have a Pinterest account, I’d highly recommend adding Andrew and Rosie Woodhouse.  Beautiful photos.

(I’m working on adding Pinterest, it looks like fun but I just want to make sure I can keep up with it along with all the other social media I follow.  I do love pictures and images though. 🙂 )

if you’d rather follow them on their website, the link is here or for Rosie’s wedding/family photography, click here.