Wool in Shetland

Just found this wonderful blog post and video to accompany it about a trip to Shetland by two women, Lori Graham and Kathy Cadigan.   If you enjoy the video, I would encourage you to check out the blog post and Lori and Kathy’s sites. Alongside beautiful photographs, their love of knitting is reflected in their work.  Thanks also to Ashley from the Woolful blog for authoring a wonderful guest post of the two knitters.

Lighthouse Designs



If you are like me and love the ocean, you might be interested in Lighthouse Designs.

I found them through Shop Scotland, which is a fantastic resource for all things made in Scotland.

Lighthouse Designs creates jewelry from silver, pewter, glass and semi-precious beads and this is how Hazel, the owner, describes where her inspiration comes from:

“As a native of the Shetland Islands where you are never more than two miles from the sea, I am inspired by the forms and colours of the natural world and particularly the wide skies, clear light and constantly changing sea which characterise this part of the world. I also find inspiration among the plants and flowers I cultivate in the hilltop garden of the home I share with my family in Edinburgh.”





Kate Davies – forty things




I just read a lovely blog post.  For those of you unfamiliar with Kate Davies, she writes a blog and is the creator of signature knitware designs.  She has also authored “Colours of Shetland”.

Having recently turned forty, she received a trunk full of forty things from her mum.  The post is a heartwarming description of the gifts, along with photos, that mean a lot to Kate.



Scottish on-line magazines

I get excited at some of the great notifications I receive from various organizations and magazines.  Here are a few I was reading today.


Made in Scotland magazine – celebrating Scottish creations, people and places.




News from Shetland’s Creative Scene – meet artists inspired by Shetland’s heritage and environment.




and lastly, a great resource for finding out what’s on around Glasgow … People Make Glasgow.