Follow up to Three Chimneys and Edinburgh Yarn Fest

Just a few wee notes to follow up on a couple of previous posts …


Helen from Ripples Crafts has posted a couple of pictures of yarn she is bringing to the Edinburgh Yarn Fest (thought you might especially be interested, Christine from Writing from Scotland  🙂 ).



edinyarnfest 01


and these absolutely gorgeous orange colors:




I also wanted to mention that Three Chimneys is looking for a Sommelier, just in case you know of anyone with these qualifications.  🙂


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Three Chimneys and Verdant Works

Three Chimneys Book



Found this absolutely brilliant site that has a Chef Masterclass video by Executive Chef Michael Smith from the renown Three Chimneys on the Isle of Skye.  He is making a Shellfish Risotto and not only does he show you how to make the risotto but all the recipes needed are included in the article.  So if you’ve ever wanted to tackle Hake and Shellfish Risotto, Mussel and Syboe (spring onion) Pakora with Spiced Shellfish Oil, here is everything you need.



Shellfish Risotto
Shellfish Risotto
Michael Smith
Michael Smith















Doreen Meek is a self-taught artist who uses texture and color in her artwork. Oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic ink and collage are methods she uses to express herself in her paintings.

Verdant Works Gallery in Dundee is showcasing Doreen’s work until April 7th. Admission is free and you could also check out the Jute Museum while you are there.

Year in Review

89 posts later and it’s the end of the year.  i have been so happy blogging this year … thanks for joining me.  i can’t believe i only started in April this year and i’ve written so many.  it has been fun!

Cheese, deep fried mars bars, jewellry, films, castles, art, Christmas in Scotland to name but a few.  i had a look back and picked a few of my favorite posts.  i apologize in advance as i haven’t quite mastered the art of pinging back , or whatever it is called, to the previous post so hopefully you get there. 🙂


Lewis Chessmen ( 78 chess pieces of perfection held in the British Museum.  i think they are absolutely fantastic!  i had the opportunity to see them on exhibition and they are stunning. 


Briggait Glasgow ( ( fascinating use of space.  take one old building and reconfigure it and create space and community for artists.  i’d love to see it some day.


The Three Chimneys ( ( amazing accommodation and cuisine on the Isle of Skye.


Danny MacAskill ( this guy is a legend.  phenomenal bike riding.  the video is worth watching a second or third time.

well, these are just a few of my favorites.  please let me know which ones were your favorite this year.  i’m looking forward to a new year and more writing.  my uni courses are all finished for now so i will have more time to blog.  a very, very happy new year to everyone!


The Three Chimneys

In keeping with the location of Skye, where my last post ended on a bike and in reference to a previous blog I wrote,  I came across a book written from this beautiful restaurant.

The book, full of lovely recipes and scenic photographs from The Three Chimneys, was recommended in a fellow blogger’s post  

(the book is available from Amazon in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.) 

The Three Chimneys Restaurant is situated in an original crofter’s cottage, built around 100 years ago, on the Isle of Skye.  With three smaller dining areas on the ground floor, it provides a cozy atmosphere whereas the spacious bedroom suites in The House Over-By were built only nine years ago.



 If you want to see more pictures and a write-up, check out my previous blog